Iran’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology to Manufacture Drones

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Iran's Ministry of Information and Communications Technology to Manufacture Drones

According to Mohammad Hassan Nami, Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Islamic Republic is intending to manufacture drones for telecommunication purposes. Currently Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is the only drone manufactures in the country. This organization uses these drones for security and military intentions.

“At the current time, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology in cooperation with Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology is working on a project to develop drones for telecommunication purposes. By manufacturing this kind of drones, we will be able to expand telecommunication network of the country, and monitor our facilities in the better ways.” Mohammad Hassan Nami told reporters on Monday. Iran is currently facing numerous problems in safeguarding its telecommunication infrastructures in eastern and western boundaries.

He went on to say that the Communications Ministry won’t ask help from IRGC in this project. “We are not following military intentions in this project. So we will not get in touch with IRGC on this subject.” Hassan Nami added.

It’s worth mentioning that Mohammad Hassan Nami used to be a commander of IRGC forces during Iran-Iraq war, which lasted for eight years in a row. Many analysts say he has been selected for this title since he had a great lobby in Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and the President wanted to soften his relations with this force.