Iran’s Ministry of Education to Receive Extra $60 Million in 2013 Budget

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Written By Saeed Maleki

Iran’s Ministry of Education to Receive Extra 60 Million in 2013 Budget

Iranian government is going to allocate extra $60 million budget to Ministry of Education. Jabar Koochaki Nejad a member of Budget, Planning and Calculations Commission of Iran’s parliament, confirmed this report on Saturday. Accordingly, the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) will allocate 30% of its gas exports revenues to Ministry of Education.

“Iran’s government and parliament have recently concentrated on increasing the quality of education in country. Base on studies, Iran can take advantage of knowledgeable and skilled generation in future, if we allocate the necessary budgets to Ministry of Education.” Jabar Koochaki Nejad remarked during a press-conference.

“According to the agreement between government and Majlis some extra $60 million will be allocated to Ministry of Education in 2013 budget. This money is expected to be spent on constructions of new schools and universities in various cities and provinces of country.” Jabar Koochaki Nejad added. Students of Iran’s small cities usually suffer from poor facilities and old schools. This has led to numerous incidents in recent years.

“Before approving this annex for 2013 budget, several members of parliament declared their disagreement. But Iranian government has guaranteed to give the necessary documents to representatives of people in Majlis with regard to spending the allocated budget.” Jabar Koochaki Nejad concluded. It’s worth mentioning that the current government of Islamic Republic is notorious for the large number of embezzlements over the past years.