Iran’s Cyber Police Warns Athletes and Artists about their Reputations on Social Networking Websites

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

The number of Internet users in Iran has been increased dramatically during the recent years. Iranian government in cooperation with local “Filtering Committee” has banned all the social networking websites since “they offer impure content to users”. Despite these restrictions, more than six million of Iranians have opened accounts in Facebook, the giant social networking websites.

Public figures in this country cannot easily open account in such networks because the authorities may reprimand them for this job. This has made a great opportunity for scammers to open fake accounts on behalf of artists and famous athletes.

Ali Niknafs, a member of FATA Cyber Police, has warned athletes and artists about their reputations on these social networking websites. Some users upload the private pictures of these figures on social networking websites which might threaten the reputations of this type of people.

“Unfortunately we have received a large number of complaints from people about posting their private films and pictures in these websites. The same has happened to famous people including athletes and actors. So they must do their best to keep and protect their sensitive information and files.” Ali Niknafs said.

He also urged the popular people to not add many friends to their accounts because this measure will increase the vulnerability of their accounts and data.