Iranians Import Maserati Vehicles Despite Sanctions

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Written By Farid Shojaei

Although the Italian company had decided to pull out from Iran’s car market but the statistics show Iranians are still importing Maserati vehicles despite international sanctions.

According to information released by Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, 87 Maserati vehicles have been legally imported to the country during the first 9 months of current Persian year (started on 21 March). The total cost of these cars was around $11.2 million. Base on this statistic, UAE alongside Italy and Germany were the main exporters of Maserati products to Iran. GranCabrio, Gran Turismo and Quattroporte are the three popular models of Mosareti in Iran.

Porsche and Masareti are two best seller car manufacturers in Iran. Most of Iranian footballers and actors prefer to buy cars made by these two companies. In the last two years Iranian Rial has lost major parts of its values against foreign currencies but Iranians still import and trade these cars despite their high prices in the Middle Eastern country.

During a short period of time, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance stopped the importation of Maserati vehicles to Iran but it finally revoked the restriction. In last year Iranian certified traders imported only 10 Maserati vehicles. Five of them were bought in UAE and the other imported directly from Italy.

Maserati is going to select an official seller and distributer in Islamic Republic. This decision may anger European Union in near future. Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer established on December 1, 1914, in Bologna. It has been owned by the Italian car giant Fiat S.p.A. since 1993.