Iranians Censure Executions on Football Pitches

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

According to the official statistics revealed by Iran’s judiciary system, 252 Iranians were sentenced to Capital punishment including 5 women and 1 juvenile. Recently the judiciary system and local police have decided to carry out these sentences in football pitches, which have angered many Iranians inside the country.

A few days ago one of the governmental news agencies published several pictures from Sabzevar city of Khorasan city. Thousands of citizens were gathered in football stadium to watch the execution of two violators. Public figures and sportsmen have criticized this movement and called Iran’s police to stop such acts in holy places like stadiums and sport complexes.

“Sport has another meaning for people. But it seems some politicians are trying to defame the concept of sport by running these punishments in stadiums and complexes.” an expert told Pars Herald in case of anonymity.

On the other side many analysts believe Iranians don’t involve in entertainment activities because of their high costs in country. So they prefer to entertain themselves by watching these disgusting actions rather than going gyms and joining parties.

Capital punishment in Iran is both legal and used in fact. Crimes punishable by death include murder, rape, pedophilia, sodomy, drug trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, and treason.