Iranian Labors Receive ‘Unfair’ Stipends

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh
Iranian Labors Receive Unfair Stipends

Labors are one of the most vulnerable groups of people in Iran. Parviz Moradi, an Iranian activist, believes that the similar conditions will be continued as long as labors don’t have several representatives in Iran’s Majlis. Currently, there is only one representative from labors’ parties in Iranian parliament.

“Unfortunately, labors don’t have any integrated political party. This has led to current conditions of labors in Iran. In other countries, labors have numerous representatives in parliaments, so they can easily defend their rights.” Parviz Moradi told Pars Herald.

He also says that Iranian government doesn’t pay enough attention to labors. “Our government is only cheating and deceiving labors. From time to time, the president and his deputies promise to resolve labors’ issues, but they don’t take any action in this regard.”

Several months ago, Majlis passed a new bill for increasing labors’ wages. “Surprisingly, the government has not yet started to work on the proposed plan by parliament. Now, workers and labors are receiving unfair stipends and salaries. With the current high inflation rate, they cannot manage to direct their families and lives.” Parviz Moradi concluded.

Recently, the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad didn’t allow labors to hold peaceful demonstrations in international day of labors. Many politicians and activists criticized Ahmadinejad for his decision.

Studies prove that labors used to have better times during Mohammad Khatami and Hashemi Rafsanjani presidency.