Iranian Defense Minister Believes Israel is the Winner of War in Syria

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Iranian Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics pointed to developments inside Syria and maintained that Syrian civil war only profits Israel, saying that Israel is the winner in Syria’s civil war.

“The Zionist regime has been so far the winner in Syrian civil war”, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi told reporters at the sidelines of “Hezar-tooye Andishe (thousand mazes of thought)” exhibition inaugural. “The Zionist regime is standing by, watching the destruction of the country at the front line of war with it,” the Minister added.

“Definitely, the losing side in these conflicts is the people of Syria who are being subjected by terrorists that decimate them,” said Minister of Defense.

The Defense Minister added in answer to the question “Are the Patriot missiles at the Syria-Turkey border a threat to Iran”, as “we have always made clear that we do not agree with the presence of foreigners in the region and we do not consider it to be in favor of the Muslim nations, because the West has always proved that not only does it not care about Muslim nations, but it thinks of its own interests.”

Also in answer to the question “Has the Ministry of Defense tried to replicate the ScanEagle?” Vahidi said that it is the Ministry’s task to manufacture drones and we grasp every opportunity to do so, but we also design drones ourselves.

At the end of the inauguration, Minister emphasized that Islamic Republic of Iran’s power is the power of culture, and we must use every tool in boosting this power.