Iranian Companies Manufacture 100 Computer Games

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

During the recent years, Iranian government and private-held companies have invested a lot in game manufacturing business. According to official statistics, the number of Iranian gamers is increasing on daily basis, but the country suffers from lack of local games.

Mohammad Bitaraf, Vice President of Iran National Foundation of Computer Games, said on Monday that Iranian corporations are currently developing more than 100 new computer games. “Iran has a great and emerging market for computer games, and this has made many companies to invest in this field. In fact, there is a noticeable potential in Islamic Republic for manufacturing and developing video games.”

“We have previously asked support from Iranian government about providing the necessary infrastructures and facilities to companies which are interested to invest their money in this field. For developing better computer games, Iranian corporations need to take advantage of modern technologies. At this time, this element limits the quality of games developed by Iran’s private companies.” Mohammad Bitaraf told Pars Herald.

Iran National Foundation of Computer Games in partnership with Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is going to hold a fare in Tehran in order to present all computer games developed in Islamic Republic. “I invite all interested parties to take part in the upcoming expo.” Mohammad Bitaraf concluded.

Base on unofficial statistics, local computer games of Iran are less appealing to domestic gamers. Buying and selling Western-developed computer games is currently prevalent between Iranians. Local police have previously warned about trading U.S.-made computer games which break Islamic rules and guidelines.