Iran to Increase the Price of Gasoline: Iranian MP

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Written By Farid Shojaei

Jafar Ghaderi, Member of Majlis Planning & Budget Commission

Jafar Ghaderi, Member of Majlis Planning & Budget Commission, says the Iranian government is working on a new plan to increase the price of gasoline in the domestic market. Currently the subsidized price of gasoline is 4000 Rial per liter in Iran. Its price in free market is 7000 Rial, but the new proposed price of government is 16000 Rial, which is far more than current prices.

“During the recent months, the income of government from subsidy reform plan has been decreased significantly due to heavy international sanctions on governmental organizations and institutions. The delegations of government in parliament have proposed a new plan for increasing the price of various fuels in the market.” Jafar Ghaderi told a press-conference on Tuesday.

He went on to say that the members of parliament have yet to review this application. “We have not yet looked into this request. The application will be reviewed in coming sessions of MPs.” Ghaderi didn’t express his own personal comments in this regard.

In last two years, Iranians have suffered from high inflation and unemployment rates in the country. According to official and unofficial studies, the spending power of people has been affected dramatically. Iranian MPs have repeatedly warned the local government for its wrong economic policies.

The United States and European Union have imposed strict embargoes on Iran’s economy. This has literally paralyzed Iranian businesses in various sectors.