Iran to Improve the Facilities of its Datacenters

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

As the number of local datacenters are increasing on daily basis in Iran, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Islamic Republic has decided to improve the facilities of datacenters in country. During the recent years, a large number of governmental and non-governmental datacenters have been opened in Iran.

“Currently, almost all datacenters of Iran are using developed facilities and options to maintain their high reliability rates. However, we need to set a special budget for local datacenters to improve their current facilities.” Mohammad Hossein Nami, the communication minister of Iran, told reporters on Wednesday.

According to Nami, more websites will be moved their hosting services to Iran in near future. “By taking extra measure with regard to Iran-based datacenters, more people will tend to use Iranian hosting services rather than foreigner ones.”

Base on statistics revealed by Ministry of Communication, more than 60% of Iranians-owned websites and blogs are hosted in foreign datacenters. A group of Iranian webmasters avoid using Iranian hosting services for security reasons.

“The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is currently working on a plan to increase the number of datacenters in Iran. We invite private-held companies to invest in this field, because Iran has an emerging market for hosting services.” Mohammad Hossein Nami concluded.

Unofficial sources say Iranian webmasters pay thousands of Dollars each month to keep host their websites up on North American and European datacenters. Although all European and American corporations are banned from trading with Iranians, some datacenters continue their partnerships with Iran-based clients and companies.