Iran to Distribute Tablets in Tehran’s Schools

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

The IT division of Iran’s Ministry of Education has put many efforts to facilitate the schools with the latest technologies and devices during the recent years especially in the remote areas where the Ministry struggles to hire and dispatch experienced teachers and instructors.

As the latest movement in this path, the Ministry has decided to distribute tablet computers in the schools of Tehran, the Capital of Iran. However the plan has yet to be finalized and approved by the top officials of the Ministry. The IT division has announced to start the pilot phase if the plan gets approved.

“In order to increase the use of technologies in schools, the project of Tablets in Schools has been discussed with officials of the Ministry in Tehran. We also reviewed the stages and efficiency of pilot phase with authorities.” said Yousef Nouri, a member of the IT division of Iran’s Ministry of Education.

“Teachers and experts in this field have contributed to this project and its first stage will be implemented as pilot phase only in Tehran. We have tracked the success of the similar projects in other countries but we will look for feedbacks in the pilot phase.” Yousef Nouri added.