Iran Reprimands Advertisers of Satellite Channels

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

Iran Reprimands Advertisers of Satellite Channels

While Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) only offers six national TV channels to Iranians inside the country, there are tens of satellite channels outside of the country which play and show programs in Persian for Iranians. The fans of these foreign based are growing on daily basis and this has made a great opportunity for local small businesses to promote their services at very low costs.

Now the morality unit of Iran’s police has decided to reprimand the businesses that advertise services in such channels by cutting and disabling their phone lines so local people cannot communicate with “violator” companies and corporations. “We recommend these businesses to promote their services in Iran based channels rather than funding foreign satellite channels.” said Brigadier Mohammad-Masoud Zahedian. This top rank official also serves as the Head of the Executive Affairs of Iran’s Anti-Drug Taskforce.

“Unfortunately there are many people who are involved in organizing competitions for these channels inside the country. We are also taking action against them, so they must be careful about what they are doing.” Zahedian added but he didn’t mention to details of such measures taken by police against violators.

The government of Islamic Republic doesn’t have a positive view on the activities of satellite channels. Accordingly they usually promote left wing ideas and comments which irritate the local authorities.

Iranian police also jam and distribute signals to cut access to satellite channels. These signals come with deleterious effects and local analysts usually censure Iran’s police for its action regarding banning these channels.