Iran Plans to Transfer Persian Gulf Water to its Southern Provinces

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

Iran Plans to Transfer Persian Gulf Water to its Southern Provinces

Southern provinces of Iran including but not limited to Hormozgan and Fars always suffer from lack of enough water sources. Residents of these provinces have previously risen up their problems with local government. Now, Iranian government is intending to transfer Persian Gulf water to these provinces in order to provide the necessary water sources to people living in mentioned cities and provinces.

Iranian Energy Minister Majid Namjoo confirmed this report on Sunday. He also informed reporters that the project will be launched by the end of next month. According to Namjoo, Iran will complete the first phase of this national plan until the end of 2013.

“Iranian government has allocated $400 million budget to this project, according to fifth national development plan. Energy Ministry in partnership with private-held companies will start the operation of this project until the end of coming month.” Majid Namjoo told reporters on Sunday.

“The necessary certifications for launching the project have been obtained from national and international communities.” Energy Minister Majid Namjoo concluded.

Transferring Caspian Sea water to Central provinces of Iran made neighboring countries protesting against Islamic Republic. Now, the government has decided to take its necessary water from Persian Gulf. No country has objected with regard to this project until now.

It’s worth mentioning that around 20 million of Iranians are suffering from lack of access to sanitary water. However, water supply and sanitation in Iran has witnessed some important improvements, especially in terms of increased access to urban water supply.