Iran Opens 24 male-only Colleges

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

One of the main policies of Iranian government was segregating females from males during the recent years. The notion is recommended by Islamic rules. Iranians have never been happy by such rules but Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has inaugurated more than 24 male or female only colleges in different cities of the country.

“In order to make universities and colleges respondent to Islamic rules we have opened more than 24 male or female only institutions. We are going to open one female only college in every province to increase the chance of pursuing the high education for females and women in Iran in near future.” said Kamran Daneshjoo, Iran’s minister of Science, Research, and Technology.

Iran has millions of female students. This has actually outnumbered the male students in country and Iranian officials have banned girls from studying in several fields in order to create balance. The Ministry had decided to make 77 bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree courses male only.

The separation of females and males in Iran is backed by influential religious leaders. Ayatollah Naser Makarm Shirazi, a senior jurisprudent, believes this plan doesn’t affect the quality of students but even improves their abilities and helps them to concentrate on their lessons rather than doing illicit activities.