Iran MP: People are Suffering from Seroius Poverty

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Written By Saeed Maleki

An Iranian lawmaker says the people of Iran are suffering badly from serious poverty in the country. He also censured the government for not admitting its responsibilities in these conditions. Mahmoud Ahmadjinejad, the President of Iran, has accused Western countries as the major reason for current economic problems in his country.

“The representatives of people in Majlis condemn the activities of militants, terrorists and the enemies of Islam in Syria and Bahrain.” spokesman for Iran Majlis (parliament) Legal and Judicial Committee, Mohammad Ali Esfanani, said.

“We thank Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his aides to people of these countries but we must say that there are a lot of people in different cities and villages of Iran who are suffering badly from the serious poverty. We must not blame only sanctions on this subject. The mismanagement of the economic sectors of government has deteriorated the situations in our country.” Mohammad Ali Esfanani added. The United States and European Union has set financial sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran because of its nuclear programs.

“Government should work hard to address the economic issues of our people and it must go and control the markets properly.” The Member of Parliament added.

Recently the inflation rate in Iran has been increased significantly and it has caused many problems for low and mid class families.