Iradj Fazel: ‘Medical Tourism’ is the New Opportunity for Iranian Physicians

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Iradj Fazel Medical Tourism is the New Opportunity for Iranian Physicians

Iradj Fazel, Head of Iranian Association of Surgeons, believes that Persian physicians are skillful enough to treat local patients inside the country.

“Fortunately, the new generation of physicians in Iran is knowledgeable and powerful enough to treat all local patients in our country. Several years ago, Iranians used to travel to other countries for receiving medical treatments, but things have been changed now.” Iradj Fazel remarked during a seminar on Wednesday.

He also went on to compare the abilities of Iranian physicians with European and American ones. “Unfortunately, Iran is far behind of developed countries in aspect of new medical technologies. But Iran’s physicians have managed to deliver the same services even without taking advantage from advanced instruments and technologies.”

“Tariffs of medical treatments are lower in Iran in compare to neighboring countries. This has made a unique opportunity for Iranian physicians in order to offer their high quality services to nationals from neighboring states.” Iradj Fazel concluded. Fazel studied Medicine at Tehran University and pursued his studies in the United States. He specialized in organ transplantation.

It’s worth mentioning that Iran is making billions of Dollars annually from medical tourisms. According to official statistics, 30,000 patients from Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan visit Iran each year in order to receive medical treatment at a lower cost.

During the recent years, Iran’s consulates and embassies in foreign countries have launched promotional campaigns for advertising medical tourism of Islamic Republic.