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Taking a real ice bath in Koh Phangan is like living in paradise. With Thailand’s legendary hot weather all year round, cooling down with a cold plunge is heaven. Find out where to simmer down in Koh Phangan and keep you returning for more cold exposure.

Located 70 kilometres from the mainland, Koh Phangan is Thailand’s 5th largest island, best known for its lush tropical jungle interior. It offers many opportunities to delve into unending experiences of your perfect getaway. With around 20 nearby dive sites and white-sand beaches, it marks one of the most visited islands in Thailand.

Detox with an Ice Bath

An ice bath is a process of sitting in a bucket or tub of ice-cold water up to your neck for 2-15 minutes. Ice bath should maintain the temperature from 0-15 degrees Celsius. If you’re new to this technique, it is advisable to start with 3-5 minutes of ice bath first and increase the duration as you get used to the chilled sensation.

If your ice bath is above 15 degrees C., Then it’s not an ice bath.

Your first few baths should be under professional supervision to check if you are doing it correctly. High sensitivity to cold temperatures or any cardiovascular disease must be checked and okayed with your doctor before taking an ice bath.

Many Thailand retreats advertise that they offer real ice baths, but this isn’t true in most cases. They only provide cold plunge pools, usually around 18 degrees. If you want a real ice bath in Koh Phangan, continue reading the best places to visit below.

How does Ice Bath boost your health?

Here, we describe the most important ways an ice bath can benefit your health. So buckle up to explore how an ice bath leaves you in a better condition.

1. Reduces the physical strain- Dunking into the ice mitigates the inflammation and helps repair the damage caused due to intense physical training. In addition, your blood vessels constrict when you immerse yourself in ice-cold water and quickly dilate after you get out.

Coldwater immersion aids in flushing away the metabolic waste of your body’s cells. It also helps the blood flood into your cells, bringing with it the essential nutrients and oxygen to help you recover faster.

2. Improves your immune system and metabolism-  Cold water immersion is highly effective in helping stabilize your metabolism. Ice baths trigger converting energy into heat by burning the unhealthy white fat cells and preventing weight gain. However, the ice bath immersion goes a long way to challenge the body to function in extreme conditions, hence directly affecting your immune system.

3. Helps you sleep better- Cortisol is a stress hormone that helps your body deal with stress; however, a long-term release of cortisol hurts you more than you think. Coldwater immersion therapy regulates this hormone and improves the symptoms of depression while combating any sleep disorders. It does this by directly affecting the central nervous system, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep. Right after your first ice bath therapy, you will see tangible benefits in terms of feeling tranquillity.

4. Helps you adapt to stressful situations- Knowing how to react to an unwelcoming situation is imperative. If you want to be better equipped to deal with everyday stressors, an ice bath should do the magic. Coldwater immersion activates the mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain by setting off the fight or flight response. It is the body’s natural mechanism of reacting to stress. In addition, the ice bath is a chilling experience that makes your body grow accustomed to other environmental stressors.

Wim Hof Method Workshop Koh Phangan

This technique focuses on leading your body to accomplish incredible feats. It helps in increasing your performance, productivity, and overall health. In addition, consistent practice of this method offers benefits like managing your stress and improving your concentration.

Location- Breath Inspired is spread across Thailand to provide a quality experience with some of the best retreats. It is the only official workshop method training in Koh Phangan. Follow the Wim Hof Method Thailand blog here to learn about workshops and events in other locations.

Retreats- The workshops conducted by Breath Inspired at Koh Phagan offer the coldestice bath in Koh Phangan at zero-degree Celsius water. You get to plunge straight into the beach under the inspection of the certified Wim Hof Method instructor. This technique is branched into three main categories, as is mentioned below.

  • Breathwork: With the help of WHM breathing techniques, you will get an entry into your mind to regulate your emotions and mood. Breathing in and out following this method will pump oxygen into your body, changing your body’s biochemistry for better results. It gives you clarity and gets your creative juices flowing.
  • Cold Exposure: Exposing your body to cold temperatures reduces swelling and speeds up recovery after an injury. CWI boosts your willpower and increases pain tolerance. It helps build resilience over time with a persistent effort to keep at it.
  • Mindset: If you want to discover the power of your mind, the Wim Hof Method helps you master the mindset of enduring the pain and being determined to become fit. The workshops conducted at Wim Hof train your body to work in sync with your mind.

Accommodation- Breath Inspired gives you the perks of staying close to the hotels for your convenience. They have amenities that will serve all your needs. To further inquire about the workshops, visit their website.


Anantara Koh Phangan

Anantara Koh Phangan
Image from Anantara

Anantara is the perfect place to unlock the island life where the old-age traditions are practised to reassure us of their roots. It has impressive spa facilities with outdoor showers and a tropical steam cave. The cold plunges here are not below 15 degrees Celsius but it’s still an amazing venue to experience close to anice bath in Koh Phangan.

Location- It is nestled behind the quiet resort and towering palms at Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach, Koh Phangan. You can explore some of the adventurous places nearby with beaches that will give you a memorable experience.

Retreats- This place is a fantastic island getaway with hotels to taste local culture with refined global cuisine. This resort will let you into many retreats that will keep you busy throughout your vacation.

  • Spa: Its famous island bliss is a soothing spa that refreshes your body with the floral oil massage. The siam treatment attunes your senses to celebrate Thai culture. It uses local Thai herbal steam, which gets polished with a coconut scrub. Its signature massage blends the oils influenced by both East and West and stimulates your body to feel nourished.
  • Fitness: At Anantara’s fitness centre, you can set a goal or reach out for help to a personal trainer. It has treadmills, bikes, cardio equipment, and free weights that help you draw upon strength.

Accommodation- It is located amongst the coconut palms and has 64 suites and villas that ensure quality services. Each villa has its private pool to help you take away the best island experiences.


Wonderland Healing Center

Wonderland Healing Center
Image from Wonderland Healing Center

This centre is passionate about supporting you in your efforts to reach optimum health. It supports all your dining and relaxation needs. It has access to the island’s most popular tourist attractions: the Chinese temple, Paradise Waterfall, Khao, and many beautiful beaches. It has both a hot and a cold pool maintained at 15 degrees Celsius or above.

Location- It is located in the heart of Koh Phangan island, just 4 kilometres away from Chaloklum Bay and 5 kilometres from the Thong Sala pier and town. It welcomes you to a unique program designed to give you a holistic view and help you establish a deeper connection with your mind and body.

Retreats- You are onto a journey that facilitates all your requirements and top it all off; Wonderland has unrivalled retreats that will hook you on it.

  • Detox: It is for anyone wanting to eliminate harmful toxins from their body. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a detox consultant who will take notes of your goals. This program is specifically tailored to cleanse your body of impurities.
  • Yoga: The yoga classes are stretched from 4-11 days combining Thai massages, meditation, and mindfulness sessions. Wonderland also provides a private yoga class with customized instructions. Various harmonizing workshops are held to let you learn how to feel the difference.

Accommodation- All the rooms are specially built with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms. You get the complimentary kitchen facilities and large balconies that are good for taking mountain views.


Panviman Resort Koh Phangan

Panviman Resort Koh Phangan
Image from Panviman Resort

This spa is settled on a hill with views of the bay nearby. It is the best place to get massages and feel closer to nature. It is close to excellent restaurants and bars that attend to your choice of cuisine with outdoor patios that you could sit out at. It will leave your skin feeling alive with the added benefit of all your worries taken care of. Panviman is rich with visual delights and enough facilities to make your visit unforgettable.

Location- It is 18 kilometres from Thong Sala Pier with a trail that runs from Bantai village to Thong Nai Pan Bay. Panviman is the best resort located at a very feasible location.

Retreats- With the world-class massages available here, it’s hard to leave Koh Phangan without going for the retreats present at Pavinam Resort.

  • Massage: The traditional Thai massage used here relieves you from tension and stress and is performed by well-trained masseuses. The famous Phangan Aloe Vera Massage hydrates your skin gently and draws out all the residues.
  • Yoga: It is clear that yoga is one of the sought-after techniques soaring in popularity. Panviman provides private classes for two people on three weekdays, and the group classes can be taken in the morning at the pool deck bar.

Accommodation- It has all the amenities included in the package, with a mini-bar and refrigerator in each room. It has a jacuzzi on the side of the pool that is always cooled down. It is not an ice bath; however, it is worth a visit.


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