How Billionaires Get A Thrill For Spending All That Cash

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

How Billionaires Get A Thrill For Spending All That CashIf you are so rich you have more money than you can possibly ever spend, what pet projects or hobbies do you put your cash into?

Billionaires have so much cash that luxury holidays, top of the range cars and designer clothes are just everyday items.

To add that little spice to their life, they have to find some more outlandish ways to spend their cash.

Here’s how a few of them do it:

  • Jeff Bezos – The Amazon founder is worth £20 billion. He is spending a fortune on recovering the spaceship engines that launched Apollo 11 to the Moon from the ocean floor. He is also paying for the construction of a clock inside a mountain that ticks once a year to run an orrery – a working scale model of the solar system.
  • Sean Parker – Napster founder Parker is worth around £1.5 billion.  He splashed nearly £6 million on a Tolkien Lord of the Rings wedding ceremony. The bill listed a nine foot tall cake, furs and 364 Lord of the Rings costumes for the guests.
  • James Cameron – The director of movies like Titanic, The Terminator and Avatar is well on the way to the billionaire’s club. He is partnering with other wealthy partners to fund a company aiming to plunder nearby asteroids for their mineral resources.
  • Richard Branson – Valued at around £3 billion, Branson has a history of being out there when it comes to pet projects. He flew round the world in a balloon, for one. Now, he is embroiled in Virgin Galactic and bringing space travel to the masses.
  • Sergey Brin – Founder of search giant Google and worth around £16 billion. Brin bankrolled the recent test tube growth of a burger and has signed up with Cameron in his asteroid mining project.
  • Clive Palmer – Australian mining mogul worth around £1.2 billion. He is building a full-size replica of the Titanic to dock in Dubai as a floating hotel.
  • Warren Buffett – the billionaire’s billionaire worth around £50 billion. Buffett is reportedly giving all his cash away to his family and good causes

You can’t really blame them from getting involved in what some people would consider barmy projects.

Even billionaires need some fun and thrills in their lives and you can only sit on a multi-million pound yacht or your own private Caribbean sun-drenched paradise for so long without getting bored.