Hossein Hashemi Praises Iranian Government for Running Subsidy Reform Plan

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Written By Saeed Maleki

Over the past recent months, politicians and economists have criticized Iranian government for running subsidy reform plan in Iran. According to official and unofficial statistics, Iran’s economy has been severely hit by negative outcomes of this national plan.

Hossein Hashemi, the former spokesman for Iran’s transportation and fuel management office, said on Thursday that Iran is able to establish a flourishing economy if Majlis allows government to launch the second phase of subsidy reform plan.

“Three years ago, when Iranian government launched the initial phase of subsidy reform plan in country, the inflation rate was only 15%. However, the prices of fuel and gasoline had increased by 100% in that time, but the local government managed to control inflation rate in country.” Hossein Hashemi told reporters.

“Inflation rate in Iran is caused by several factors. Note that, subsidy reform plan is one of the reasons of the current inflation rate. Volatilities in currency markets have extremely affected inflation rate in Islamic Republic. As far as we know, Iran has been sanctioned by Western governments, and this deteriorates the conditions of Iran’s economy.” Hashemi added.

“Two years ago, Iran’s parliament stopped government from launching the second and final phase of subsidy reform plan. In my view, by completing all phases of subsidy reform plan, Iran will be able to enjoy a promising economy. The consequent measures will also lower unemployment and inflation rates in Iran.” Hossein Hashemi concluded.