Heydarpour: United States is worried about Iran’s Presence in South America

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

The United States government has approved a new bill passed by senate which aims to weaken and control the presence of Islamic Republic government in South America. Iran has improved its relations with South American countries. In Ahmadinejad’s era, Iran has opened tens of embassies and consulate offices in South American cities which pose a great risk to United States, according to senators.

“Expanding the relations with these countries is one of the main policies of Islamic Republic. The president of United States, Barack Obama, is not happy about Iran’s influx in this region so he has approved a new round of sanctions against our country. They are worried about Iran’s activities there.” Avaz Heydarpour, member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said.

“However, we believe this new bill cannot affect our projects in South America and Iran will continue its efforts to improve and develop its presence in that region. Foreign Ministry must act against U.S. decision and we are ready to ratify new sanctions against the U.S. government if asked. We may limit the trading of U.S. made facilities in Iran.” Avaz Heydarpour added.

During the recent years, tensions between Iran and United States have been increased dramatically. Currently Iran is under fatal economical sanctions set by European Union and United States.