Hassan Rowhani Calls for Major Changes in Iran

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Director of the Iranian Expediency Council's Center for Strategic Studies Hassan Rowhani

Director of the Iranian Expediency Council’s Center for Strategic Studies Hassan Rowhani believes Iran has a lot of interior issues and Iranian government must work hard to address the current problems.

“Iranians have lost major parts of their investments and moneys due to international sanctions which have devastated Iran’s economy. Many people predict foggy horizons for the country and this is very bad for Islamic Republic system.” Hojjat al-Islam Hassan Rowhani, the former Chief of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said during a meeting with members of Mardomsalary political party.

“The government doesn’t explain issues clearly and we don’t know how much the depth of this loss is. Inflation and unemployment rates have been increased significantly but Iranian government and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad don’t feel responsibility for these issues.” Hassan Rowhani continued.

He also censured the policies of government toward educated nationals. “We have many students who have studied and graduated from governmental institutions and universities. But most of them are suffering from unemployment. Why should this happen in our country which is rich of mines and oil fields?”

Reports suggest that Rowhani is preparing to nominate for Iran’s June presidential election. “I’m currently considering this option. I will never join political parties for this election and I may become candidate independently.” Rowhani replied when asked about the published rumors in this regard.

He was the chief negotiator with the European countries of UK, France, and Germany over Iran’s nuclear program. Under his supervision, his team agreed to temporarily suspend nuclear enrichment without any conditions. This was changed after his replacement, and the nuclear program was resumed. Rowhani served under H.E. Seyyed Mohammad Khatami.