Hassan Rowhani Calls for End to Hostile Relations with US

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Hassan Rowhani Calls for End to Hostile Relations with US

Hassan Rowhani, the former Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said on Friday that Islamic Republic and the United States government must revise their current affairs.  Rowhani has registered his name for upcoming presidential election, which is set to be held on June in Iran.

“The recent developments in the Middle East region have threatened the common interests of Islamic Republic and the United States government. I think the officials of two countries must hold direct talks over current issues, and try to fix them as soon as possible.” Hassan Rowhani addressed reporters in a press-conference.

The United States government has imposed several rounds of sanctions on Islamic Republic in order to make Iran stops its disputed nuclear program. Consequently, the economy of Iran has been hit severely by international embargoes. “Like the other politicians of Iran, I believe that Iran has its own right of taking advantage of peaceful nuclear program. But the current disagreements between Iran and U.S. can be fixed through negotiations.” Hassan Rowhani added.

“Several years ago, American president announced that his country is going to wage a new war against Iran. In that time, I expressed my furiousness toward U.S. government’s hostile stance against Islamic Republic. However, I think the current problems should be addressed only via diplomacy routes.” Hassan Rowhani concluded.

According to American analysts, the results of Islamic Republic’s upcoming presidential election will affect the relationships between two countries. However, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has previously announced that the results of presidential election will not affect Islamic Republic’s stance over its nuclear case.