Google Set To Roll With Pixel2 And XL

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

Hot on the heels of the new iPhone X, Google is ready to launch a new version of the Pixel smart phone.

Google Pixel 2 is aiming for a different slice of the market than the $1,000 Apple iPhone.

Concept images and information coming out of Google suggest the new smart phone will look much like the earlier model, sticking with a single lens camera, fingerprint scanner and a five-inch screen.

But a Pixel XL is due as well with a larger six-inch screen and superior spec – and undoubtedly a higher price tag.

Both models launch on Wednesday, October 4 – the same date as the 2016 launch – and should be with retailers by October 20.

Cases will come with several colourways – white, black or blue for the standard phone, but the XL will come as black or black and white.

Google Pixel2 spec and prices

Other changes include souped up processors and graphics, but no headphone jack as the accessory means designers must come up with a deeper case.

The Pixel 2 with 64 gigabytes of storage will cost $650, while the XL retails at $850.

The prices are like the start values last year, although they did fall over time and do not include local sales taxes.

Features include:

  • The new Android O operating system
  • Improved battery life and double-quick charging compared with the original Pixels
  • Controls to manage notifications that can prove a nuisance
  • Password autofill
  • Security so users can lock and wipe the data from their phones if they are lost or stolen

Storage comes as 64 Gb or 128 Gb options, while both phones have a Snapdragon 835 chip.

Battle for home speaker market

Voice control is expected to have improved and expanded through Google Assistant.

Rumours also abound that Google has set up the Pixel 2 to plug into the new Daydream View virtual reality headset.

Like Apple, Google also has plans to release several more new and updated products at the same time as the new smart phone.

These could include Google Home Mini – an Amazon Echo Dot style speaker. The Mini will come in a range of colours and cost $49, looking for space in the same market place as the Dot.

Both are after a different market than the Apple Home Pod, which is an efficient and good-looking bit of kit, but costs $350.