Google Redesigns Gmail Favicon

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Written By Gholam Rahmani
Google Redesigns Gmail Favicon

Giant search engine, Google, has slightly revised the favicon of Gmail. The new favicon is in some way similar to the Gmail Chrome app icon. This new favicon will be used from now on, as Google has decided to roll out a developed version of Gmail in coming days and weeks. Although it is not noticeable for most users, but the new design could be interesting for Gmail’s loyal clients and graphic designers.

Gmail’s new favicon is grown by a few pixels in height; however it still has the character of an envelope. In addition, the thinner lines are no longer red but gray.

In its official blog, Google has informed that Gmail is getting a brand new inbox on desktop and mobile that puts people back in control using simple, easy organization. Grouping new emails into categories which appear as different tabs is one of the major parts of Gmail’s new redesign. This feature will be available for worldwide clients in next days.

It is good to know that Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. Users may access Gmail as secure webmail, as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Gmail was originally launched as an invitation-only beta release on April 1, 2004.