Free climber James Is On Top Of The World

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Free climber James Kingston has an outlook on life that would freak the rest of us out.

He spends his time shinning up the tallest structures in cities around the world.

His death defying stunts and phenomenal photographs give awe-inspiring views of some of the most famous buildings and monuments from a different perspective – the highest point of the roof.

Tourists may get in a lift up to the viewing gallery, but Kingston finds a foothold on the smallest ledges, nooks and crannies after an adrenalin fuelled climb.

Dubai is his favourite playground.

His latest video is from a small platform atop the 360 metre (1,180 feet) Almas Tower in the centre of Dubai.

The tower is the second tallest in the city, behind the Burj Khalifa.

Dodging security guards

Kingston, 26, dodged security guards to sprint to the top of the tower.

Videos from dizzying heights on Kingston’s YouTube channel showing him climbing cranes, chimneys, the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In one he is nabbed by police while sitting atop a massive crane on a building site.

Amazingly, Kingston claims he feared heights until one day he decided to conquer his phobia by climbing –  and the rest is a phenomenal life scaling the heights.

Some of his climbs are spectacular – especially when he tried to jump between cranes on the top of two massive towers. Kingston even labels this as the craziest thing he has ever done.

See more of James Kingston’s free climbing exploits on YouTube