Franco Baresi: Iran can Move Forward in Football

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Written By Mohsen Salami

Franco Baresi Iran can Move Forward in Football

Franco Baresi, the former player of AC Milan, has been invited to Iran by the president of Persepolis FC to watch Tehran derby. During the recent meetings between Mohammad Royanian and the officials of AC Milan, the clubs reached several agreements and one of them was visiting Iranian clubs by Milan’s legends.

“I’m really happy to come to Iran for watching the most important derby of Asia. I’m really excited by what I have seen during my time in Iran. People love football and fans try to be the best football fans in the world. Their passion of football is exemplary. Although Iran doesn’t have a great place in world football at the moment but it has great capabilities to progress and moving forward.” Italian football youth team coach said.

“I know a number of Iranian football players. Mehdi Mahdavikia and Ali Karimi were two prominent football figures from Iran who had played in European clubs recently. Rahman Rezaei is more famous than other players because he used to play for Italian clubs for several years.” Franco Baresi reviewed his memories from Iranian footballers. He also called “Ali Daei” as one of the best Iranian players in football history.

“I had only received political reports and stories from Iran when I was in Italy and I didn’t have any knowledge about this superb country. Now I have changed my mind about Iranians and their beautiful country.” Franco Baresi concluded.

Franco Baresi is a giant in the history of Italian Football, one of the greatest defenders ever. Baresi was nicknamed “Piscinin”, Milanese for “Little one”. In 1999, Baresi was voted AC Milan Player of the Century. He is also the younger brother of Internazionale legend and current vice coach Giuseppe Baresi.