Every 8 Minutes Migrants Try To Breach Eurotunnel

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Written By Mohsen Salami

Governments are failing to come to grips with migrant problem in Europe that is a massive humanitarian crisis in many countries.

The operators of the Eurotunnel between France and England have revealed they have combatted an astonishing 37,000 attempts by illegal migrants to reach Britain through the tunnel since January.

That includes solo efforts as well as recent night time organised pushes by crowds of 2,000 or more migrants to storm the tunnel.

On average, that’s 174 attempts to breach security a day – which works out as one every eight minutes.

The numbers rushing the tunnel seemed to have increased as waves of migrants arrive daily in Mediterranean countries from North Africa.

Crossing at any cost

Their journeys from Tunisia, Syria and Libya take them across the sea to Italy and Greece and then onward by land to the magnet of the French Channel port of Calais, where they seek to bridge that tiny 22 miles of water to Britain.

In the past few days, both the British and French governments have pledged more cash to step up security.

Thousands of lorries are backed up on motorways in Kent, England, as part of Operation Stack, as the tunnel is regularly closed to traffic.

No wonder the Mediterranean Sea is listed as the stretch of water with the most drownings as thousands of refugee migrants seeking to improve their lives pay through the nose to cross the waters in makeshift and overcrowded boats.

Two ships from North Africa landed in Italy this week – carrying 1,100 illegal migrants and 14 bodies.

Death is never far away – nine lorry stowaways have been found dead in recent weeks after hiding on board to cross the tunnel.

Others are reported crushed in the storming of the tunnel at Calais.

Human trafficking

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve explained that his government views the disruption at Calais as a microcosm of civil disorder elsewhere in the world.

“It’s not clear how many migrants are in the area and how many may have crossed,” he said.
“The situation on the ground is forever changing as we establish security to try and counter the problems.”

Cazeneuve also suspects organised crime gangs are orchestrating the troubles and trafficking people for a profit.

“This is a human tragedy as well as a security issue and we are doing all that we can with the French government to stem the crisis,” said British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Britain also has warships patrolling the Mediterranean turning back and rescuing migrants trying to cross into Europe.