Don’t Worry About Dying – Just Plug Into A New Body

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Written By Mohsen Salami

Switching your consciousness into an artificial body seems like the stuff of science fiction, but one new startup reckons they will have cracked the problem with three decades.

CEO Josh Bocanegra of technology startup Humai admits none of the tools are available to harvest someone’s consciousness.

The company has a catchy slogan: Human resurrection through artificial intelligence and a lot of big ideas, but that seems to be about it at the moment.

The web site is offers basic details of the offering with an overlay of soothing New Age music.

“Humai is an artificial intelligence startup intending to reinvent the afterlife,” said a company=y spokesman.

Artificial intelligence

“We’re looking to store personal data like conversational styles, how you think, how you behave and other key information about your body.

“This will be cloned into the brain of a dead person inside an artificial body after you die.”

Meanwhile, while the technology is researched, the company wants to cryogenically freeze your brain until the tools to complete the job become available.

Critics reckon the Humai business model is barmy.

Some say the technology is nowhere near ready and is unlikely to be available for a lot longer than 30 years and that with two research assistants and no working capital, Bocanegra does not have the resources to be considered a serious scientist.

Resurrection after death

“I would need to see a lot more concrete research showing how this works before I would buy or invest,” said business consultant Michael Maven.

Bocanegra maintains he is serious about Humai’s AI project even though the company earns no money and has no investment.

“The project is ambitious and exciting,” he said. “The project is something I care deeply about and I would like to make a contribution to humanity through allowing resurrection after death.”

The idea is shared by many who pay to have their bodies frozen after death in the hope that future advances in science will allow them to live again.

Cryonics is considered a fringe science with no proof of success, but many are willing to stake a lot of cash on coming back from the dead.

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