Cyber Police of Azerbaijan Province Blocks 670 Websites

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Cyber Police of Azerbaijan Province Blocks 670 Websites

Iran’s Filtering Committee, which is operating the supervision of Iranian government, is responsible for filtering and blocking websites which include and promote anti-Islam content. In very rare conditions the cyber unit of Iran’s Police also takes actions against these websites and blocks them for netizens.

“Islam’s enemies and global arrogance usually target the young society of Iranian nation and they are looking to undermine the power and influence of Islam between these people. Today Iranians are more smart and aware than before and they are committed to Islamic rules and terms. This is the key for Iranian nation to pass difficulties in every condition.” Yahya Sharafi, police commander of West Azerbaijan province, remarked during a press conference.

“Now Western countries have entered into the virtual space of Iranians and they want to achieve their wicked intentions. Currently trading adult videos and films is among the top committed crimes in this province. In the first three quarter of current Persian year, the cyber unit of Azerbaijan’s police has blocked more than 670 online websites which were promoting anti-Islam content.” Yahya Sharafi continued.

“We need to make people alarmed about the misuse of satellite and Internet because these facilities can ruin Muslim communities if we don’t pay attention to them.” Sharafi concluded.

Internet censorship in Iran has been increasing. In the first few years of the 21st century, Iran experienced a great surge in Internet usage, and, with 20 million people on the Internet, currently has the second highest percentage of its population online in the Middle East, after Israel.