Computer Hardware Prices are Increasing in Iran

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

As the financial and economical sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union are annoying Iranian businesses, the computer hardware prices are increasing in country significantly. Iran is one of the largest importers of computer hardwares in the Middle East region.

“The prices of computer parts and hardwares are still increasing in markets. We have tracked this growth in hardwares such as Hards, Mother Boards, CPU and etc. This price hike includes all the platforms and it’s not limited to a certain category of parts or hardwares.” said Reza Shafiei, one activist in Tehran’s computer markets.

“Prices of different laptops have also increased by 200% to 250% and this has decreased the spending power of customers who cannot pay for services and devices. In these criteria, clients prefer to buy only their own necessary devices.” Shafiei added. He believes cutting the cheap currencies, which were provided by the government for the certified importers of computer parts, has caused this turmoil in IT markets of the country. He also urged the local government to support the Iranian manufacturers of computer parts.

“If the current conditions continue, the illegal traffickers will smuggle fake devices, parts and hardwares to Iran.” Reza Shafiei warns about the outcome of these situations.

Iranian Rial has lost major part of its value against foreign currencies. The IT computer of this Middle Eastern country is mainly depended on the imported devices and computer parts from UAE. This has made Iran’s IT markets very fragile to sanctions regularly imposed by Western countries over its economy.