Class While Using Google Glass

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Class While Using Google GlassSearch engine giant, Google, has released a list of Dos and Don’ts for using their highly anticipated Google Glass.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Google Glass, quite simply it is a computer that you can wear. It uses an optical head-mounted display that comes in the form of glasses. Using the hardware the software responds to hand-free commands and by listening and responding to your natural speech. The device relies heavily on internet connectivity with much of its usefulness and functionality depending on the internet.

Although the device is named Google Glass, it does not currently feature any actual glass on the device. However, the company is considering striking deals with a number of different optics retailers for users to have a larger when they arrive to purchase the device. It has been reported that at the end of last month Google have created a number of Glass devices that included frames for those who need prescription glasses. There are currently 4 different frames to choose from.

Currently, 10,000 people claim ownership to Google Glass which left their wallets a hefty $1,500 lighter. They were also allowed the chance to invite three individuals in their lives to be included in the trial runs along with them.

Google’s most novel invention is expected to be available to the general public at the end of 2014.

Etiquette Guide

Google has recently released guidelines on how someone should use their new device. Directed towards “Glass Explorers”, the list suggests that users engage with their surroundings using this new technology by using the Google search engine to map out quickest routes, check flight statuses or search for images.

It also advises users of this device to keep a security code on their glass, like their smartphones, in case of theft or other accidents.

The Don’ts of the list are far more humourous. It recommends that the Glass Explorers should not perform any form of high-impact sports such as water skiing or bull fighting. It also explains how users should not lash out at people inquiring about the glass, and that this behavior should be expected.

It ends by telling the users not to be ‘rude or creepy’.

“[Don’t] Be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”). In places where cell phone cameras aren’t allowed, the same rules will apply to Glass. If you’re asked to turn your phone off, turn Glass off as well. Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.”

The Google Glass is a new, exciting form of technology that many are eagerly anticipating.