Childish Trump Is An Idiot And Moron, Says New Book

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

So the leader of the free world is a semiliterate moron whose staff him treat like a child, according to the President Donald Trump hatchet job.

Author Michael Wolff has scandalised America with his new book about the first year of the Trump presidency.

Called Fire and Fury, the phrase is taken from Trump’s Tweet war of words with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, the book has sent Washington’s politicians into meltdown.

Trump has threatened a law suit and says the book is full of lies.

Unsurprisingly, the author stands by his words and claims to have conducted 200 interviews, including a three-hour sit-down with Trump while researching his story. Trump denies the meeting took place.


The book exposes Trump as lacking political nous and someone who can barely read a single page memo.

Media mogul Richard Murdoch called him an idiot, while Trump’s own staff have called everything from a fool to a moron.

Wolff says Trump did not expect to win the election, so had no plans in place to take over government.

His wife, Melania, cried with disappointment at the victory, says Wolff, because she did not want her husband to win.

The book also lifts the lid on how Trump maintains his hair style to cover a bald patch and how he tried to seduce his friend’s wives by letting them listen in on conversations he had with their husbands that were of a sexual nature.

Dysfunctional playpen

Controversially, the book also unmasks a plot between Trump’s daughter Ivanka and here husband Jared Kushner to engineer her election as the first Us female president.

Over all, the book paints a picture of dysfunctional playpen of a White House where no one seems to know what they are doing and a president who is too stupid to make sensible decisions.

The Russians get a look in as well.

Wolff says former Chief of Staff Steve Bannon called a meeting between Kushner and other top aides with the Russians as ‘treasonous’ and that Kushner should face questions about money-laundering.

Just remember that Trump is commander-in-chief of a powerful military machine with the capability to obliterate most of the world with nuclear weapons,