Chaapaar to Introduce the First Indigenous Chat Service in Iran

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Chaapaar, the leading local email service provider in Iran, is going to introduce its chat services for the first time in country. According to Salman Afshar, CEO of Chaapaar, this feature will be added to current services in the next few months.

Regarding the current progress of Chaapaar, Afshar said: “During the recent months, we have been working on a new and improved version of Chaapaar. In the next week, we will open the beta phase of the new design which supports two languages including Persian and English. Also our clients will be able to change the theme of their mail accounts.”

Salman Afshar also went on to reveal the total number of Iranian clients using Chaapaar email services. “At this time, we are serving more than 700,000 members. 40,000 users are actively using the services, and around 1200 new members join Chaapaar daily. According to feedbacks we received from our clients, the chat service will be added to our services in next few months. Currently we are coding the necessary applications to put this feature into action.”

“At this moment, Chaapaar is the leading email service provider in Islamic Republic. The number of Chaapaar’s daily visitors and active users are far more than competitors.” Salman Afshar concluded.

The Iranian government is indirectly supporting Chaapaar services. It’s been said that Islamic Republic’s government is working hard to break the monopolization of Western companies in cyber space by providing free online services.