Annoying and Pointless – Internet Advertising

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Internet marketing is perhaps the most intrusive and the least effective form of advertising ever seen, and the shocking truth is that the global internet marketing industry is worth over $200 billion.

Apparent marketing and media moguls who were at the top of their game when delivering bus shelter posters and magazine spreads have been found to be slightly out of their depth when trying to deliver results using the web.

Internet Advertising


For the majority of internet users, the Adblock extension is a must, removing adverts from YouTube and the rest of the web. This probably wouldn’t be the case if the advertising methods and techniques were not completely stuck in the nineties. Overblown, over-exaggerated and over-long, any apparent advertising expert who authorises a 2 minute YouTube advert to go ahead should hang their head in shame. They really haven’t got it at all. We want instant results. Tell me what you have to offer me, you have 10 seconds before you’ve lost me. It’s that simple. But it still seems lost on most.


Now, the latest trend is to try to disguise ads, or to prevent you from escaping ads. Look at Dealster, the most pointless and annoying piece of malware ever seen. Companies actually probably pay somebody for serious to advertise using Dealster. They clearly haven’t seen how it works.

There is something abhorrent about this kind of intrusive marketing, and it can’t possibly yield any kind of results. The demand in 2015 is for honesty and subtlety.

People are bored of Facebook ads every five seconds, of banners flashing around the borders of an article, and of pop ups which are immediately closed without so much as waiting for the page to load.

What they want now, is something which proves that those in marketing aren’t as completely out of touch as they appear. Whether or not 2015 will herald this, remains to be seen……