Best Places to Do an Ice Bath in Phuket

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So you’ve heard about this hot activity, now find out where the best place to do ice baths in Phuket? Which Phuket Spa’s and Workshops on this beautiful Thai island should you chill out in an ice bath, see how reviews below.

Phuket is perfect for relaxing and getting a break from your busy life. There are many places to go in Phuket, but the best destinations are where you can build your physical and mental strength. Of course, we are talking about ice baths.

It sounds crazy and a little bit dangerous, but trust us: it is worth it. You’ll feel like you’ve just been transported to a spa on another planet. This experience will instantly cleanse your skin and mind, giving it some much-needed rejuvenation. 

So, what is an ice bath?

Ice Baths also known as cold water immersion and cold plunges. People immerse their bodies in ice-cold water for a set duration. Usually, this period is 10-15 minutes, and the temperature of the water is 50-59°F. A performer can either stand or sit in an ice-cold bath or in a bucket of the ice bath.

The Main Benefits of an Ice Bath

Ice bath entails ample benefits to the human body. Some of them are listed below:

Boosts your Immunity

If you think good sleep, good food, and hydration are the only things that boost immunity,  prepare your mind for some surprises in this article. Yes, ice baths have also been proven to enhance your immunity. 

In a study conducted in the Netherlands, people under observation were asked to practice meditation, deep breathing, and cold water immersion to monitor immunity. After some time, when they were exposed to a pathogen (bacteria), it was found that people who did all three regularly developed lesser symptoms. Also, their bodies produced fewer pro-inflammatory cytokines and more anti-inflammatory responses.

The researchers concluded that breathing exercises are helpful in cold conditions, whereas cold water immersions help a body develop stress resistance. 

Muscles are less sore.

Another key benefit was found in observing the professional athletes. Those who take an ice bath after practice feel less soreness in their muscles. There are a few studies that support this. One such study was conducted in 2011 on cyclists. In their case, it was found that all bicyclists who routinely dipped their bodies in ice-cold water felt lesser muscle soreness than otherwise.

Ask the experts, and they will give you a medical reason. According to them, freezing water (here, ice water) contracts your blood vessels. This reduces the amount of water flowing towards the injury location and reduces inflammation and redness. 

It may also ease anxiety.

People who swim in cold water experience relief in their anxiety symptoms. Implying cold water bestows some soothing effect on the brain and nervous system to ease mental health conditions.

Faster cooldown

You will agree that dipping your body in cold water will cool off your body faster. An NCBI study has found that cold water cools an overheated body two times faster than water therapy. 

Guess what? The ice bath trend has caught up the fancy of even some high-profile celebrities from Hollywood and other famous names. CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Lady Gaga, Shailene Woodley, Tom Cruise have all tried cold water baths and swear by the benefits they have received with it. May we say they went GA-GA.

Best Places to Take Ice Bath in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, the famous beach destination, is brimming with some exquisite places you can go ice bathing and revel in the health benefits.

Let’s roll: 

Wim Hof Method Workshop Phuket

Breath Inspired Ice bath Phuket

The first one on the list for Ice Baths in Phuket is Breath Inspired. It offers all the adventure enthusiasts and health aficionados the coldest ice bath in Phuket. Believe it or not, the water here is zero degrees celsius. No wonder, then, it is touted as the best place for cold exposure training, ice bath, and breathwork training. 

Breath Inspired has a team of trained and experienced professionals to guide you on your journey of building strength and endurance. You can also join the workshops. The most exciting part of training with them is getting to experience an ice bath directly at the beaches. 

Location. Breath Inspired feels motivated to help you achieve your desired goal with workshops conducted regularly at Phuket, and other sites spread all across Thailand.

Retreats: Breath Inspired trainers are perfect in Wim Hof Method. The training popularised by Wim Hof is the starting point that will take you on your health journey and reap fruits like no else. The method includes three main things:

  • Breathing: Train your body to breathe efficiently with a breathing technique practiced for many years by Wim Hof. Learn how to breathe correctly to influence the energy released into the body cells.  
  • Cold Therapy: How to improve your immunity, build adipose tissue and reduce inflammation with cold therapy will be taught here. 
  • Commitment: Learn to be the driver of your thoughts and actions with the proper training and technique. Learn patience and diligence.

Accommodation: The workshop locations are usually closer to some of the best and affordable hotels in Phuket. You may check the location and the surrounding amenities while booking. Or check the website for more guidance.

Stay Phuket resort

Stay Phuket

Stay Phuket is a luxurious resort in the heart of Phuket. The visitors here can realign their energies and gain mind, body, and spirit relaxation like no place. With Badu Jet, Hot Mineral Bath, Ice Wall, you get a host of amenities to choose from upon arrival. 

Location: Nestled at a tranquil place in Phuket, Stay Phuket is situated in the southern part of Phuket, a few yards away from Nai Harn beaches and Rawai. You have full access to some of the best attractions such as temples, golf playing, Thai boxing, a vibrant nightlife at Patong Beach, and so much more.  

Retreats: Good health seekers throng Stay Phuket from across the world with one mission fulfilled by the following top retreats:

  • Cold Therapy: Rejuvenate your mind and body with Ice Wall and Cold Plunge (the water here is only 17 degrees). Experience the constriction in your blood-carrying vessels easing your muscles and nerve tensions only to stimulate more circulation. 
  • Sauna: Beat the aging signs at Infrared Sauna with Himalayan Salt Wall. The intense sweat with infrared combines with mineral benefits to reduce stress and increase energy. 
  • Essential Oil treatment: Maintain your muscle strength, and improve your cardiovascular system in the steam room, where you are also ointed with essential oils. 

Accommodation: This 5-star hotel in Nai Harn Phuket has a suite of luxury and modern, spacious rooms with balconies. You may stay in this beautiful hotel or any other nearby location. 

Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa

Maikhao Dream Villa Resort Spa

Return to a state of complete inner peace and happiness at the Maikhao Dream spa. From steam to the sauna, foot massage to Vichy’s treatments, and more, you can get your hands on all these in one place. Maikhao is a part of the Centra Hotels and Resorts which means you will live at an opulent resort oozing hospitality every inch. Upon arrival, pick your preferences. And don’t forget to make the most out of the quarantine package. Weight management programs are also available at Maikhao.

Location: Just a few yards away from the Mai Khao beach, other important landmarks such as the airport, the Nai Yang Beach, Mai Khao elephant home, Phuket Riding club, Turtle Village are not far off. 

Retreats: At Maikhao, you get to experience various super luxurious and super relaxing retreats, chief among them are:

  • Hot and cold plunge pool. The water here is around 15 degrees
  • Thai massage: Let your body benefit from the traditional Thai massage technique. The ancient practice will help you eliminate any pain or stiffness in the body, thereby enhancing flexibility and energy. 
  • Treatments for couples: Enjoy treatments along with your partner in this resort. 

Accommodation: The grand resort offers villas on the quiet and serene Phuket coastline. You can also spend your vacation at the Centra Hotel and Resorts. Enjoy the luxury there. 

AKA Thailand

AKA Thailand

One of the world’s premier luxury training resorts, AKA Thailand, is truly a place if you want to train your body for strength and endurance. This prominent place attracts several enthusiasts from all over the world. They have added a new attraction recently. After training, enjoy your time at the cafe.

Location: Reaching AKA is in itself a journey, a life-altering experience you do not get to experience often. Trust us; you will be a new person before you bid goodbye to the place.

Retreats: At AKA, you will enjoy the below-described amenities.

  • Muay Thai: The open-air training retreat receives a cool breeze all day long coming from the ocean. The facility is equipped with modern equipment. 
  • MMA/BJJ: The facility for both is placed in the main building of AKA. The fully air-conditioned space has NASA-inspired LUNA air purifiers, mats, gear, and other practice equipment. 
  • Ice Bath: Newly built external ice bath area. The ample space can accommodate many people at one go. But it can be slightly let down for you as the pool never reaches the freezing temperatures. The temperature is around 12 degrees, good enough for recovering from Muay Thai training.

Accommodation: You may have to find a suitable place for staying and visiting AKA Thailand to learn the various martial arts. Delicious food is served at AKA Thailand’s Onsite Restaurant. 

Sava Beach Villas

Sava Beach Villas

The Sava is just the perfect place to get massages and spa treatments. Pick treatments in the air-conditioned rooms or poolside massages on the sundeck; the Sava offers comfortable spots everywhere. Eight different types of villas are waiting to serve you warmth and care. When here, you can explore the Phang Nga and other natural attractions such as the pristine beaches.

Location: Lying near Natai Beach to the north side of Phuket, the villas are set in rural settings. However, it is not too far away from the noisy other Phuket beaches. 

Retreats: You can stay at any villas to experience a sauna, gym, concierge, and more. Each villa has slightly different amenities and thus different pricing.

  • Cold plunge and sauna. There are private spa facilities available at all the spas. However, only Villa Aqua offers a dry sauna, steam room, and cold plunge pool to revitalize your tired senses. More skin and beauty treatments are also available.
  • Gym: Sweat it out on the various machines and weights available for you. Or run on the treadmill. If you like, a personal trainer is also available.
  • Concierge: explore the Sino Portuguese architecture and eat some fantastic Thai street food that only locals are aware of. 

Accommodation: Stay at the villas and stroll in Phuket town in your free time or gorge on tasty Thai food.

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