Ayatollah Gerami Pays Tribute to Mohammad Khatami

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Grand Ayatollah Gerami, spiritual guide for many Shia Muslims, said on Friday that Iranians used to have better conditions during Mohammad Khatami presidency over the country. Khatami served as the fifth President of Iran from 2 August 1997 to 3 August 2005.

“Iranians used to enjoy good times in Khatami’s era. People were mostly satisfied of economic conditions at that time, and there were only minor problems in community. Mohammad Khatami also helped Islamic Republic to recover its reputation in international scenes.” Ayatollah Gerami told a group of people in the holy city of Qom. After Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran cut it political ties with numerous countries, but Khatami managed to establish friendly ties with other nations.

Ayatollah Gerami went on to elaborate the roots of current issues in Iran. “These problems are mainly because of poor managements. We believe that only qualified people must govern countries to avoid happening such failures and difficulties. The next government of Iran must work hard to create better atmosphere for people.”

Iran’s 2013 presidential election will be held in next month. According to unofficial sources, Mohammad Khatami is preparing to run for Iran’s top-job; however, he has some disagreements with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In Iran, Ali Khamenei should confirm candidates in public in order to let them take part in the race for presidential election.

Mohammad Khatami lost his acceptance between Iran’s hard-liner parties after he supported Green Movement in 2009.