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Mahmoud Sarvari

Mahmoud Sarvari studied in Industrial University of Qom. Sarvari attended Pars Herald group on 2008 and he acted a prominent role in distributing and publishing Pars Herald's stories in Qom. After graduation he started writing for local weeklies and some of his entries were quoted by national news agencies. On 2010, Mahmoud was arrested for his political activities but security forces released him after four days. City: Qom Phone Number: +989354582565 Email: Mahmoud {at} Name in Persian: محمود سروری
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Fitness Trackers Can Be Life Savers

Electronic health activity monitors are turning into indispensable tools for emergency room doctors. Designed to track physical activity and heart rates, Fitbit wristbands are saving

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Is Apple Still a Good Investment?

In a single word: yes. Apple is still a phenomenal investment opportunity. Even though it’s a popular investment, it’s still not usually a good idea

Donald Trump

Killer Drug Trump Wants To Stamp Out

Overdose deaths from the painkiller fentanyl are rising steeply and it’s clear President Donald Trump blames China for failing to stop illegal exports of the