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Farid Shojaei

Farid was born in Tehran but his family immigrated to Germany when he was 7. He finished his elementary and secondary schools in Germany but he returned to Iran on 2007. Shojaei attended the Shiraz University to study economics. A year after he became a volunteer writer of Pars Herald. On 2009 he joined the group in full time. His guidelines for the group were excellent and he was admired by other reporters in the country. City: Shiraz Phone Number: +989356998914 Email: Farid {at} Name in Persian: فرید شجاعی
How to do Tummo Meditation

How to do Tummo Meditation

Tummo is a Tibetian word that means ‘a fierce woman’. It is an ancient meditation technique. The practice originated from the Himalayas thousands of years


The Worst Internet Passwords

An unbelievable 10% of internet users keep their secrets safe on their phones, tablets and laptops with at least one of 25 terrible passwords, say