Apple Launches New iPad And iPhone6s

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Written By Saeed Maleki

Apple has announced the launch of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus and a new iPad Pro.

In a mass product launch, the company has also added an upgrade to Apple TV and the Apple Pencil – a new stylus.

The surprise was the supersized iPad Pro, a move to capture business from rivals in the mobile computing market.

The iPad has a 12.9 inch screen which can be linked to a smart keyboard and the Apple Pen.

The company says the iPad is aimed at illustrators, designers and editors who need pixel precision in their on-screen working.

“The new iPad is our vision of the way personal computing is going – a simple screen that responds instantly and precisely to your touch,” said Apple chief executive Tim Cook at the product launch in San Francisco.

Prices and shipping dates

The iPad starts at $799 for 32 GB – that converts to £520, but expect to see a UK price of £799.

The 128GB model with 4G costs $1079.

The Apple Pencil is a rechargeable electronic stylus designed to complement the new iPad. The US cost is $99, while the smart keyboard ships at $169.

Apple TV is long overdue a revamp. Launched in 2007 and undergoing a remodel in 2010, the small box that sits alongside a TV has lost ground to Amazon Fire TV and Google’s Chromecast in the streaming TV market.

“The future of TV is apps for viewing programs and movies, shopping and games,” said Cook. “We’re ready to step into that market in a big way.”

Apple TV includes Siri voice control and comes preloaded with Netflix, iTunes, HBO, Showtime and Hulu.

The box will start selling in the UK from October.

Faster iPhones

The new iPhones are essentially more of the same – enhanced offerings of the current iPhone6.

Problems like bending are over, said Cook, with the new phone cases constructed out of higher grade aluminium.

Improvements include faster processors, a 12 megapixel camera, 4K video and a second 5 megapixel camera for selfies and FaceTime.

A new app lets users switching from Android grab data and images from their old phone.

Shipping starts at the end of September.

Lastly, a new Apple Watch also hits the shops this month with a bank of 10,000 apps and a lot more colour and strap options.

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