Apple iPhone 6S Release Date Leaked

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Written By Hossein Soltani

Thanks to an internal leak from a French carrier of the iPhone, a website in Paris has announced to the world that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus (for those with large hands) are to be released on the 18th September.

The announcement will come on the 9th September, with pre-orders being accepted from the 11th, according to, a popular site which, judging by its name, is really rather committed to the work of Steve Jobs and the legacy he has left.

World Insight

While this information only applies to France in terms of the dates, the European country has historically always shared the same release date with the USA, so from that we can give predictions on the roll out to the rest of the world too.

Mac4ever has always managed to deliver quite good insights when it comes to the work of the company they are so devoted to. They seem to have people on the inside, as they are often able to obtain internal employee information, emails and even videos that the public are not supposed to be privileged to.

New Features

As with all of the S series phones that follow the initial models, there really isn’t too much to get excited about initially. A few upgrades that most of us wouldn’t notice, and a bit of jazz work on the camera (they’ve made it larger), other than that there’s not too much to report at this stage.

But supposedly, Apple have stockpiled a staggering 90 million units in anticipation of the demand, which suggests that they either have something mighty up their sleeves, or they are banking on the iOS 9 update triggering mass global hysteria for the S series.

Time will tell, but with the iPhone 6, Apple confirmed its supremacy, so it’s not too unfathomable to imagine they will stretch that further with their next generation of smart phones.

Expectations are high though, and that can so often lead to initial disappointment, but after a lukewarm reception when the 5S was initially released, the model went on to outsell the original iPhone 5 unit, so all predictions point to the same trend occurring here.

In less than a month, we shall see for ourselves, as for iOS 9, we are predicting a 16th September release for that. Stay tuned…

Did You Know? – You can download the iOS 9 public beta now. Why wait? Follow the instructions here.