The Apple Announcement – Was it worth the Wait?

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

The Apple Announcement – Was it worth the Wait?Apple made their scheduled announcement at a press conference on the 10th of September at Cupertino, California.

The anticipated iPhone 5S was revealed in addition to a new and less expected model, the 5C.


The iPhone 5S shares the exact same physical appearance and dimensions as its predecessor which did not come as a shock but it comes with newer and more interesting hardware.

The 5S has made notable improvements to the technology behind the camera.

The first change is a dual flash which shoots both white and amber light in order to more accurately capture skin tone. The ambient light is measure then subsequently, both white and amber flashes are shot out in different levels depending on the surrounding light temperature.

The second notable change is that in order to have a clearer picture, the iPhone 5S has increased the individual pixel size, in addition to allowing the camera shutter to be opened wider.

Also, the 5S now is capable of shooting up to 10 photos per second and will combine them to create the most appealing picture. Last but not least, as the technology of the camera allows videos to be shot in 120 frames per second, you can select clips which you would like to view in slow motion.

Other hardware improvements include an A7 processor which is an upgrade from its predecessor’s A6 chip. Due to this hardware change, the 5S can now use a 64-bit format, which deviates from the standard 32-bit used on other handheld devices.

Also, the new model has improved 4G compatibility by using 13 different frequency bands instead of previously using only 5.

Certainly the most discussed change in the iPhone 5S is the fingerprint sensor. The device now has a fingerprint sensor built in to the home button that can be used for a number of tasks such as unlocking the device and used as a password to purchase apps.


The iPhone 5C is essentially made up of the same hardware as the iPhone 5. The main change with this phone comes with its design and price. This model comes with a splash of color and surprisingly, plastic.

For the first time Apple has designed and manufactured a phone which uses plastic for its body and so far, the reviews have been great.

The 5C also comes in a number of bright colors, which presumably is targeting a younger audience. In addition, it boasts a higher battery life than its predecessor which is a welcome change for any iPhone user.

The 5C will be available in yellow, green, pink, blue and white.