Only in America….

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Written By Saeed Maleki
Guns are Cool
Guns are pretty cool

A restaurant in Louisiana is rewarding customers who choose to bring their gun as their dining partner with a 10% discount on their meal.

Gun fan and restaurant owner, Kevin Cox, has been quoted as saying “As long as everybody has a gun, we’re all the same size.” It’s not known exactly what this means, however his restaurant, called Bergeron’s, reportedly gives out up to 20 discounts per day.

The campaign was initially introduced as a way of saying thanks to the law enforcement officers who frequented the Cajun-style eaterie, however once the general public got wind of the offer, they all started turning up with their guns in search of the same benefit. It was never likely to be refused bearing in mind they were holding a fire arm.

Amazingly, guns are responsible for an apparent 32,000 deaths per year in America, and while gun supporters claim that 60% are suicide-related and the remainder are predominantly “uncategorised” the concern is that, especially in the Deep South where racial segregation is still sought after by many and where people often choose to let their fire arm do the talking, legally being able to stroll around town with a gun is really rather a strange concept for the modern world.

Nonetheless, cowboy mentality still reigns very much supreme among the majority of Americans, and with the media coverage the Louisiana-based restaurant has received as a result of their special gun offer, other restaurants are also considering trying to encourage as many guns into their premises as possible. There are 320 million people in the US, and an estimated 317 million guns. One in two households holds a gun according to recent studies.