Ali Nikzad: Tehran has Stable Home Market

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Written By Saeed Maleki
Ali Nikzad, Iranian minister of transportation and housing

Ali Nikzad, Iranian minister of transportation and housing, says the country has stable home market and people should not be worried about the current conditions. In recent years, Iran’s home market has experienced massive changes. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government has previously promised to soothe the turbulent of domestic housing markets.

“By completing the current project of Pardis City, more than 90,000 apartments will be ready for Tehran citizens. We are working hard to finish this project on time.” Ali Nikzad told reporters during his visit to Pardis.

According to Nikzad, more facilities including mosque, police stations, schools and trading centers will be built by Ministry of Transportation and Housing in Pardis. “Currently there are some facilities in this city. But we will build more infrastructures for the inhabitants of Pardis.”

Ali Nikzad went on to say that owners will take their pre-ordered homes starting the next month. “Three types of homes have been built in Pardis. Applicants will pick up homes according to their conditions and requirements. Low-interest loans might be provided by government for a group of home buyers.”

“During the recent 22 months, Tehran Municipality has allowed Ministry of Housing to build 400,000 new units in Tehran and neighboring cities. Base on our information, around 400,000 homes are now free of residents in Tehran. This new project will solve the common problems in Tehran’s home market.” Ali Nikzad concluded.

Tehran, the capital of Iran, has a population of about 8,300,000 and about 14 million metropolitan areas. It is Iran’s largest city and urban area, and one of the largest cities in Western Asia.