Ali Larijani: Western Sanctions are not the Main Problems of Iran Nation

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Written By Farid Shojaei

Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iran’s parliament, downplayed the affects of Western sanctions on Iran’s economy and said the main problems of country are high unemployment and inflation rates. The United States and European countries have imposed several rounds of sanctions against Islamic Republic to force the country to stop its controversial nuclear program.

“Currently we are in a tough conditions same as Iran-Iraq war era. This is not a physical war against our country but it’s a psychological action to weaken Islamic Republic. After Revolution the Western countries decided to increase their pressures on Iran because our country is threatening their interests in Middle East region.” Ali Larijani, the former chief of IRIB, remarked during his one day trip to Golestan province.

“The sanctions have negative effects on Iran’s economy but we are suffering from other important issues. Some politicians and analysts believe that the current status of our economy is because of the financial sanctions applied by European Union and United States, but it’s completely wrong.” Ali Larijani added.

“Our enemies become happy when they see high unemployment and inflation rates in Iran. The representatives of people in Majlis are working hard to find the best solution to address these problems. We believe these problems can be resolved if the government cooperates with Majlis.” Ali Larijani concluded and accused the government of not following parliament’s guidelines.

The Iranian government was unable to control the exchange markets during the recent months. Iranian Rial has lost a major part of its value against foreign currencies.