Ali Larijani Calls for Unity between Iraqi Political Parties

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Ali Larijani Calls for Unity between Iraqi Political Parties

Amid the growing tensions between Iraq’s Shia’ and Sunni political parties, Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani called for unity between Iraqi groups. Iran is one of the main supporters of Shia’ majority population of Iraq.

“At the current time, the relations between Iran and Iraq are expanding exponentially, and this is promising for the people of two countries. The parliaments of Iran and Iraq also encourage these positive ties. Islamic Republic always support democratic republic of Iraq, and stabilizing the conditions of Iraq has high priority in Iran’s foreign policy.” Ali Larijani told a press-conference in Monday.

He went on to accuse Arab countries and the United States for intervening in Iraq’s internal issues. “Unfortunately some governments are trying to create misunderstandings between Iraqi political parties. So the politicians and activists of the country must be aware of such threats.” Ali Larijani added.

Larijani also offered Iran’s support for Iraqi government by saying: “Of course the Islamic Republic is ready to transfer its valuable experiences in this field to the Iraqi side if necessary.”

During his recent trip to Iraq, Larijani met with officials of Iraqi government. He called for improved economic relations between two countries. Currently Iran is suffering from strict international sanctions, and Iraq could be a great partner for this Middle Eastern country.

In last decade, the two countries have signed over 100 economic and cooperation agreements. Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki has made several state visits to Iran since 2006 and expressed sympathy with Iran over its nuclear energy program. Iran is today Iraq’s largest trading partner.