Ali Hakim Javadi: Iranian Government to not Cut Access to World Wide Web

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Ali Hakim Javadi: Iranian Government to not Cut Access to World Wide Web

Ali Hakim Javadi, Iran’s deputy minister for communications and information technology, says the local government is not intending to cut access to World Wide Web by launching ‘national Internet’ project. In recent months, it has been rumored that Iranian government is working on a clandestine project to cut people’s access to international Internet.

“We believe that the current network of Internet in Iran doesn’t have right structure, and we need to renovate it. From time to time, we try to fix the common issues, but foreign-based media and newspapers accuse Iranian government of cutting access to World Wide Web. I can confirm that Iran is not going to do so, because we believe e-commerce is very important for the future of Iran and country’s economy.” Ali Hakim Javadi said during a related seminar which was held in Tehran on Saturday.

“Currently, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is trying to persuade Iranian webmasters to host their websites in local datacenters. Iran has enough potential to host up to 300,000 websites in its local datacenters. Iranian webmasters can even decrease their expenditures by choosing Iran-based hosting services.” Ali Hakim Javadi added.

Hakim Javadi also revealed that Iranian government is going to invest in various projects in order to offer high speed Internet services to its citizens. “In cooperation with private-held corporations, the Ministry of Communication is working on certain projects to offer high speed Internet connections to Iranian nationals.”

According to official statistics released by the Ministry of Communication, Iran has more than 45 million Internet clients.