Ali Hakim Javadi: Iran to Open Three Local Search Engines in Next 2 Months

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Iran's deputy communications and technology minister Ali Hakim-Javadi

Iran’s deputy communications and technology minister Ali Hakim-Javadi announced that his country is going to open three local search engines until the end of current Persian year. He also denied the existence of Fakhr and Fajr websites. Previously Iranian government promised to introduce Fakhr and Fajr search engines to end Google’s monopoly in the industry.

“Actually we didn’t have any products named Fakhr and Fajr. Earlier we announced the support from Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for entrepreneurs and companies who are enthusiasts to create and code local search engines. So we identified the people in this niche and we issued certifications for them.” Ali Hakim-Javadi told reporters.

“Currently we have several search engines ready to serve Iranian clients but we don’t publish their names at the moment. These projects are in final steps and their qualities are not the best at this time. Ministry of Technology will also launch local email services until the end of this year. They are still in pilot phase and our experts are testing them to make sure they can serve people in the best ways possible.” Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Communications and Technology Minister, added.

“The only drawbacks of the current projects are hardware. In aspect of software, we don’t have any problem because Iranian engineers are working hard to code the best scripts but the facilities in local datacenters are limited. Actually these websites get crashed when thousands of users become online at the same time. We are trying to address these issues as soon as possible.” Hakim Javadi concluded.

During the recent years, Iranian government has invested and funded local Internet based projects in order to make people using indigenous services rather than going with “Western” ones which develop anti-Islamic content and policies.