Alhosseini: West is Pursuing New Anti-Syria Schemes

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Alhosseini West is Pursuing New Anti Syria Schemes

Islamic Republic of Iran as the only regional ally of Bashar al-Assad’s regime usually accuses Western countries of plotting against Syrian government. Iran sees Syria as the main element of anti-Israel front along side with Lebanon so the Islamic country will lose its power and influence in the Middle East by collision of the current Syrian government.

“At the moment, Western countries including the United States and United Kingdom are supporting rebels in Syria financially and logistically. On the other hand, the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia do the same through Turkey and this has aggravated the conditions in Syria. We believe holding a free and fair referendum in Syria can determine the future of people in this country, but United States denies supporting this offer.” Mohammad Sadegh Alhosseini, Iranian conservative politician, told Pars Herald.

“Terrorist groups in Syria have failed to topple the government of Bashar al-Assad so they are working hard to condemn Syrian government in international courts. Of course West is supporting them to achieve their nasty goals.” Alhosseini added.

He also went on to say that many countries have praised Iran’s solution for Syrian crisis which is based on Syrian-Syrian talks. “The proposal made by Islamic Republic can resolve most issues between Syrian oppositions and the government of Assad. We think this is the best solution on offer as many countries have approved it as the best way to address problems in Syria.”

“The Western countries are going to halt political dialogues between two sides in Syria. Terrorists and rebels can no longer endure difficult conditions and they have been surrounded by Syrian army and people. In fact developments against the expectations of Western governments have been occurred in Syria recently.” Mohammad Sadegh Alhosseini concluded.

Iranian government has unveiled its six-point plan on December 16 to end the ongoing crisis in Syria. According to this proposal, all violent and armed acts must be stopped immediately and Western countries must lift their imposed sanctions against Syria.