About Us

Pars Herald (جارچی پارسی) was originally founded in 2008 by a group of students in Tehran-based universities. In cooperation with professional journalists and volunteer writers, the Pars Herald group used to publish weekly newsletters and monthly bulletins. A group of volunteer students also helped us to distribute the bulletins between Tehranis students. In 2009, more students from universities in other cities, including Mashhad and Isfahan, joined the group, and Pars Herald publications rolled out in different large cities of Iran. In the same year, the circulation rate of Pars Herald increased dramatically, and many libraries, embassies, consulates and schools became subscribers to Pars Herald’s newsletters.

After the political developments in Iran in May 2011, Par Herald pulled out from Tehran and moved to the neighbouring country, Emirates. Currently, we are headquartered in Dubai, but our reporters and editorial team are based in Iran, and they send their reports to our office in Dubai Media City daily.

In 2012, the group decided to launch its online edition. The pilot phase of Pars Herald’s official website started its operation in mid-February, and we received great feedback from our readers and visitors. On December 2012, we managed to launch the official website of Pars Herald.

Pars Herald is the combination of two words, including Pars and Herald. Pars refers to the ancient name of Iran and the language of Iranians. The exact name of the Pars Herald in the Persian language is جارچی پارسی.

One of the major policies of Pars Herald group was publishing “Ads Free Publications”. The group has kept this policy from 2008 till now. We can publish unique reports and stories from Iran by receiving donations from our subscribers and readers. We are trying hard to keep our stance on this subject, and currently, we don’t serve ads on our online website.

At Pars Herald, we are committed to bringing Iran’s latest news and stories to our readers. The group is working hard to launch the Arabic version of Pars Herald by the end of 2013. Please contact us if you think you have enough abilities to help Pars Herald’s Arabic department.

One of the priorities of the Pars Herald group is protecting and respecting the readers’ privacy. We have defined clear rules to regulate the relations between Pars Herald’s website and its visitors. You can directly check them from this page. If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy policies, please contact us, and we will do our best to correct the issues as soon as possible.

The members of the Pars Herald group are always looking to meet the readers and discuss current topics with them. So please drop us a line to arrange a meeting with Pars Herald’s team in Dubai. The information about our office is available on the mentioned page.

We are always searching for great journalists and writers. Please use the contact us form or call Pars Herald if you think you can help group to achieve its goals and accomplish the defined missions.

Should you have any questions, inquiries or comments, please contact us.

Dubai Office information

Office Address: Pars Herald Group, Level 22, Media One Tower, Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE
Postal Address: PO Box 81845, Dubai, UAE

Phone Number: +971 (0)4 370 2355
Fax Number: +971 (0)4 370 2332
Media: +971 (0)4 370 2355 Ext 521
Events: +971 (0)4 370 2355 Ext 522
Legal: +971 (0)4 370 2355 Ext 523
Privacy: +971 (0)4 370 2355 Ext 524
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