70% of Iranians don’t Know much about iPhone Features

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Although it is one of the best selling smartphones in Iran, but more than 70% of Iranians don’t know much about iPhone features, analysts say. Currently Apple doesn’t have any official distributer in Iran because of U.S. embargoes on the country’s economy, but Apple’s brand is very popular in Iran.

Mehdi Abghari, one of the major importers of Apple products to Iran, says there is high demand for Apple devices in country. “Despite the high price of iPhone 5, many Iranians have bought this smartphone and the demand is increasing daily. A large number of customers buy iPhone 5 only because of its brand, Apple. In fact most of them don’t know much about the options and facilities offered by this device.”

“Apple has devised great technologies and features on its latest phone but Iranians are not aware of them. Most of Iranian users are looking for cell phones offering high resolution camera, good players and massive disk space.” Ali Majdvand, another expert in this field told us.

“Due to high price of GPRS connections, Iranians usually cannot take advantage from online and web based services. iPhone 5 is designed to offer the latest technologies to clients but Iranians are technically not able to avail of them. The infrastructures of Iran’s telecommunication corporations are limited in our country and this has made Iranians unaware of iPhone features.” Ali Majdvand added.